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Bulking Prohormones

Top 10 Bulking Prohormones

These are the best and most cutting edge and hardcore bulking prohormone supplements legally available in 2017 following the 2014 DASCA law banning certain prohormones and designer steroids.

Some of these use new designer steroids and prohormones and are comparable to those that were banned. Don't be mis-lead by other websites that tell you all the good prohormones and designer steroids were banned. We specialize on hardcore supplements and keep up to date on this. Others are just intimidated by Big Brother. We know that you are looking for the real deal so you can get the best bang for your buck.

Are DHEA Derivatives the Strongest Available

Do you really think that websites promoting derivatives of DHEA are the strongest prohormones on the market?

That's what the industry is trying to force down your throat. That's what I see as the top results on Google. Because they have the money and the man power to build websites to do it.

Through their lobbying and bully tactics it may become a reality in the future but right now it is NOT true. Not all prohormones were banned yet.

For a run down on which of the most powerful prohormones that are not banned see this article.

#1 Top Bulking Prohormone

The best bulking prohormone on the market that is still legal is Yeti DNA Resurrection. This has been a best selling on our website since the 2014 Designer Anabolic Steroid Control Act was passed.

Yeti DNA Resurrection contains a stack of five well known and powerful prohormones that work together to emphasize mass gains.

This formula uses a stack of 7 different prohormones that are some of the best of what's left after the 2014 prohormone ban and some new ones.

It also includes an Estrogen Control System, Interfusing Organ Guard and Interfusing Time elease System.

This is a sublingual prohormone for better bioavailability.

Yeti DNA Resurrection

#2 Top Bulking Prohormone

D-Nol is also known as Dimethandrostenol (2,17α-dimethyl-17β-hydroxy-5α-androst-2-ene). It was brought to the market in 2013 by Iron Legion Supplements in their product Mithras.

Dimethandrostenol has an anabolic/androgenic ratio of 1000:97. 10 times more anabolic than testosterone and and almost as androgenic as testosterone.

This is a sublingual prohormone for better bioavailability.

D-NOL (Dimethandrostenol)

#3 Top Bulking Prohormone

Trestolone, also known as MENT, is one of the more potent steroids/hormones created to date. It is a 19Nor hormone, which makes it a nandrolone derivative.

On paper, trestolone is WAY stronger than testosterone.  Its androgenic and estrogenic character will be similar to those of Tren and Deca, but it’s muscle building hypertrophic ability should be higher than both.

This is a sublingual prohormone for better bioavailability.


#4 Top Bulking Prohormone

Alphadrolone is a very strong bulking prohormone. It promotes increased lean muscle mass, dense muscle gains, strength gains, and has no estrogen conversion.

M1-Alpha will result in muscle mass gains as well as great strength gains. Fluid retention is common, so most users choose to use it for bulking.

However, be aware this compound is very toxic and is to be used in short cycles from 3-4 weeks. And should should only be used by those experienced with prohormone cycles.


#5 Top Bulking Prohormone

Winswole is a sublingual form of Methylstenbolone which is a popular bulking prohormone or a designer steroid. It does not convert to estrogen and muscle gains are lean (dry) and massive. Also your strength will noticably increase.

This is a sublingual prohormone for better bioavailability.

Winswole (Methylstenbolone)

#6 Top Bulking Prohormone

Spartan Mass V2 is actually a derivative of DHEA: 1-Andro and 4-Andro. But with 200mg of each a day coupled with the Cyclosome delivery system this makes it a very comparable bulking prohormone with very little toxicity.

1-Andro converts to 1-testosterone which is 7 times more anabolic than testosterone and 4-Andro converts to testosterone. Generally, you need a larger dose of DHEA derivatives to get the same kind kick that others do and this is what Sparta Nutrition has done.

Spartan Mass V2

#7 Top Bulking Prohormone

Sparta Nutrition 4 Glory contains a whopping 230 mg of 4-Andro per day for a 30 day cycle. 4-Andro is a derivative of DHEA and converts to testosterone. There is some conversion to estrogen so this is considered a 'wet" prohormone. It works as a good base and stacks well with The 1 by Spata Nutrition. 

#8 Top Bulking Prohormone

Brutal 4ce by Blackstone Labs contains 130 mg per day of a blend of 4-Andro and 2 esters. This offsets the peak testosterone levels in your bloodstream so that it is a more even delivery throughout the day.

4-Andro is a derivative of DHEA and converts to testosterone. There is some conversion to estrogen so this is considered a 'wet" prohormone. It works as a good base and stacks well with Chosen 1 by Blackstone Labs.

#9 Top Bulking Prohormone

Super 4-Andro by IronMag Labs contains 100mg of 4-Andro per day for a 30 day cycle. Super 4-Andro contains 6,7-Dihydroxybergamottin which causes the 4-DHEA to remain in the bloodstream longer and increases absorption.

4-Andro is a derivative of DHEA and converts to testosterone. There is some conversion to estrogen so this is considered a 'wet" prohormone. It works as a good base and stacks well with Super 1-Andro.

Lean Bulk ProhormonesCutting ProhormonesProhormone StacksTop 10 Prohormones

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